At HEC, one of our core strengths is the ability to respond quickly to shifting market opportunities. This agility is balanced with an intrinsic, Asian-influenced attention to detail and thoughtful consideration for long-term implications.

HEC possesses the ability to evaluate and merge our existing assets and resources with new market opportunities we identify or create, or that are introduced to us by a collaborative partner.

Through the Internet, the world has become more synergistic. Geographic barriers have been dramatically reduced, cultural lines are becoming more flexible and restrictions of language and time zones are giving way to international relationships with constant contact.

We stand poised to leverage our marketing, programming, operations, network distribution and online communities through an expanding focus on Pacific markets.

Our combined online activities will converge to confirm HEC’s position as a world leader in each of our exciting market segments.

About Us

HEC offers beneficial health and beauty products while developing a wide variety of IT applications to help enhance people’s lives through the use of Internet.

With a focus on useful Internet applications developed in the United States, we have devised applications in multiple languages for the Asian markets. In recent years, we have also advanced into product development in the health and beauty-related fields. HEC now markets a wide range of in-demand products with our motto, "High quality at a low price," and is currently preparing to expand our e-commerce business in the global market to attract consumers worldwide.


Luke Yoshida

As member of the HEC board of directors, Luke Yoshida has actively helped guide the company’s direction and market expansion since 2014. Assuming the role of president in August 2017, Luke now leads the overall operations of HEC.

Before joining the company, he engaged in numerous startup ventures and honed his instincts as a serial entrepreneur, launching multiple successful businesses throughout Asia.

Thanks to his extensive technology background, Luke brings a vast knowledge of the IT and biotech fields – and the industry networks to match. Among his most successful ventures, he has specialized in innovations such as cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

With his intuitive focus on emerging and world-changing technologies, Luke is uniquely qualified to drive the company’s IT strategy as he cultivates the long-term vision for HEC: to lead the industry as the most innovative tech company the world has yet seen.

Community Relations

American Red Cross

To aid in the relief efforts for the earthquake and tsunami victims, HEC has provided financial support by making significant donations to the “Japan Earthquake Relief Fund” of the American Red Cross.

American Red Cross 6-Month Report American Red Cross 1-Year Report


A global program established by HEC, iRush Help offers a new website,, where concerned individuals have an opportunity to “Rush to Help” survivors in the aftermath of catastrophic disasters. The program’s mission is to increase awareness of the devastation and raise crucial funds to assist those affected.